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The Reset Position

It’s inevitable that at some point the game plan is going to get knocked off course. You will find yourself in an unexpected and unrecognizable position that you have no experience with yet. As Mike Tyson is famously quoted as saying “Everyone has a plan until they get hit.”

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Responsive Website

Sometimes I hold on the the first idea I get for solving a problem I just keep hammering at it to make it work. After all it’s my idea and it feels right and the though of it not working is painful to accept. But I don’t want to give up too quickly either. What if I’m close and just a few more minutes and I’ll get it over the top.

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Mindset, belief and persistence

Mindset, determines more about success than any other single factor that is within your control. No one can take this away from you with out your permission. Get the mind right and learn how to suffer and the rest is just details.

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