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The challenge On a project I completed recently I had the challenge of taking a complex design and get it to work on the web. It involved precisely lining up three horizontal triangle shapes on top of a contrasting section beneath them and it had to be consistent across many different screen sizes. Not only

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The Reset Position

What it is It’s inevitable that at some point the game plan is going to get knocked off course. I sometimes find myself in an unexpected and unrecognizable position that I have no experience with yet. As Mike Tyson is famously quoted as saying “Everyone has a plan until they get hit.” Instead of trying

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The Pivot To Plugin Independence

Self sufficiency I’ve always had an uneasy feeling about being reliant on one source of anything. Never wanted to become dependent on a single thing, I’m a bit of a survivalist in that sense. Growing up in New York City created a low level of always-there-anxiety – And I’m third generation New Yorker, my grandparents

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